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Remote Web Servers

Oct 21, 2009 at 2:57 PM

Just as a note, I think that this app is really nice.  Pretty much provides all I need to do except for a few errors....

One question I have that I can't find anywhere in the wiki documentation, what do I do once I connect a "Remove Web Server?"  i have connected and it says that it copied remote web server loges, but then there was a total remote log files of 0 found?!?  I know that there are at least 20 there.  I can open them individually or multiple in the open file method.

Also, when I try to look at the IP adress tab, and then to the IP/Page Access.  After I choose a new IP address it breaks, with a error of "The given key was not present in the dictionary."  I can send you there error message if you want, just let me know.